The rise of e-commerce and the growing prosperity of online shopping have driven the vigorous development and progress of the logistics industry. In 2019, the annual shipment of parcels in Taiwan is estimated to be about 80 million. Although these parcels have accelerated the rapid development and circulation of the economy and commodities However, in these tens of millions of packages, the packaging materials used in many packages make innocent consumers who are willing to do their part for the earth’s environmental protection, but cannot absorb correct or sufficient information, become the cause of the environment. Burdened innocent accomplices.

AIR PASSION air cushion packaging material responds to the global circular economy and the trend of plastic reduction, and is made of unique environmentally friendly plastics that are easy to recycle Quantity and 50% include logistics costs such as shipping and packaging efficiency, packaging material storage space, etc. At the same time, it also effectively reduces the burden on the environment, enhances customer professionalism and brand image, and grows in line with the trend. At the same time, it can also contribute to the maintenance of the global environment Part of the heart.

AIR PASSION will protect the beauty of the earth all its life.

50 %

Reduced amount of packaging material

The most suitable packaging materials are ordered according to the type and size of the goods, so as to reduce excessive packaging and harm the environment and ecology.

50 %

Reduced logistics costs

Significantly reduce the required volume, save freight and storage space.



The best guard to protect products

AIR PASSION keeps trying to innovate and continuously improve the raw materials of packaging materials. We focus not only on the support and ductility of the buffer packaging material itself, but also on the environmental protection issue of caring for the earth and sustainable operation, which is the best way to protect products. From makeup gifts to home appliances and furniture, AIR PASSION provides various sizes of packaging materials for customers to choose from, using the most suitable packaging materials to achieve the most perfect packaging, not only makes you more handy in product protection, but also makes you more comfortable. This meticulous care can be conveyed to the hearts of every consumer.

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