Those kind customers who are misled by keyword ads

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Keyword rankings are not directly proportional to brand trust

In those years, you were deceived together

Many of our new customers have purchased air cushion machines from other manufacturers before looking for AIR PASSION. When they contact us, we habitually ask: You already have a air cushion machines, why do you still need to find us?
These innocent customers say that they made the wrong decision because they believed too much in the ranking of keyword ads.

Also because they believe too much in advertisements and the ordering of advertisements, the air cushion machines they buy from other manufacturers are often not in good condition and cannot get immediate after-sales service, or they cannot get after-sales service at all, and the machine fails after a long time of use. Many unused packaging materials must be stored in the farthest corners of the warehouse – the corners that are least seen and least remembered.

These kind-hearted customers, when searching for air cushion packaging material suppliers, first contacted the top suppliers on the search page, but unfortunately, the more advertising investment the air cushion machine supplier is, the more likely it is The least professional and not the most trustworthy air cushion machine supplier.

Air cushion machine manufacturers who spend a lot of money on advertising often do not have a good understanding of the air cushion machine products they sell and cannot provide immediate after-sales service if the product is out of status; they are unable to independently develop and manufacture, and do not have the ability and determination to establish their own brand. , I just want to earn short-term performance, so I can only follow the trend and buy other people’s air cushion machines to sell back to Taiwan. Such companies are often unintentional and unable to provide good after-sales service.

Believing too much in advertisements may make you who are interested in purchasing the best air cushion machine for the company, but buy a buffer that is the most unstable, the most frequent, and cannot get timely or professional after-sales service. Colleagues on site respond to you, but as a purchaser, you are often afraid to react again, because you made a wrong decision at the beginning.

AIR PASSION has the lowest advertising investment and the best business.