Virgin Pulp Honeycomb Paper

AIR PASSION introduces PAPERBEE virgin pulp honeycomb paper, which is designed with a sustainable concept and a patented structure. It is based on natural environmental protection. In addition to the characteristics of continuous recycling and remanufacturing, it can also be degraded and absorbed by nature, which is in line with advanced countries in Europe and America. The image of green environmental protection leads the global trend.

Virgin Pulp Honeycomb Paper

Honeycomb paper, with excellent toughness, elasticity and high degree of freedom, is mainly used for wrapping protection and filling space. Compared with traditional buffer paper, it is more flexible and rich in texture, which effectively reduces the damage of goods due to transportation. To enhance the brand image is the best choice for environmentally friendly and sustainable buffer materials.

Paper Cushioning

Paper cushioning can be freely extracted and torn to the required length. It has high flexibility and versatility. The main purpose is to place it in the gap of the box to fill the space and effectively reduce any damage to the product caused by shaking and collision caused by the packaging space.

Virgin Pulp Honeycomb Paper Gallery

Virgin pulp honeycomb paper takes green life in response to global carbon reduction as the core value of the brand. It has the characteristics of buffer coating, fashion embellishment, environmental protection and sustainability. It not only protects the product, but also enhances the texture and taste, allowing you to easily play your creative skills. Si, even if it is casually wrapped, it can show a unique and ingenious shape. In addition to enhancing the value of its own brand, it can also leave a perfect impression on the overall shopping experience of customers, showing the packaging style, which is easy.

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