Misconceptions About Biodegradable Materials

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Environmental and ecological maintenance, starting from basic cognition.

Don't let unprofessional or dishonest suppliers fail you to protect the earth's environment

According to the latest “environmental protection regulations”, the packaging material can only be made of a single material, which is easy to enter the recycling system to regenerate, remanufacture and reuse, so as to achieve the purpose of plastic recycling, effective use and multiple use.

Plastics mixed with biodegradable raw materials are all materials that are difficult to recycle and reuse. It has no effect on protecting the environment and promoting the recycling of plastic products. Instead, it causes a burden on the recycling system and the environment. Currently, it is stipulated and recommended not to use on packaging.

Those of you who are committed to protecting the earth’s environment, do not be misled by unprofessional or dishonest suppliers who claim that the packaging material you provide is biodegradable, and become an accomplice to increase the burden on the earth’s environment.

Air Passion’s revenue and performance on air cushion films have continued to grow, and more and more well-known domestic and foreign customers have chosen and favored. If we directly print “biodegradable materials” on air cushion films like other manufacturers To lure or deceive customers, Air Passion’s business must be better.

However, Air Passion will never do this!

Integrity can make us go farther, more stable and more secure, and get the long-term trust and support of more good customers.