About the project

AIR PASSION II features high-efficiency operation, high-stability inflation quality, rapid heating without waiting, and can correspond to all types of AIR PASSION films.


AIR PASSION II, inheriting the elegant and simple appearance, using the development experience of the first-generation machine, AIR PASSION II greatly optimizes and simplifies the operation process, and can be used immediately after the cushioning packaging material is installed, without waiting for the machine to heat up. Large-scale logistics and warehousing centers and cross-border tally centers are the core goals to strengthen the stability of long-term operation and high performance for large-scale shipments, and also increase corresponding to more types of buffer packaging materials, so that AIR PASSION II can fully protect Across all types of merchandise.

  • Efficient operation speed.
  • High stability inflatable quality.
  • Quick heating without waiting.


weight:13 kgs
Output:Max 25m / min
Film thickness:13 – 40μm
Meters / Roll:450m – 2000m
Film width:20 – 60cm
Size:420(length) x 385(width) x 355(height)mm