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Honeycomb Cushioning Paper

Honeycomb Cushioning Paper has excellent toughness, elasticity and high degree of freedom of extension and stretching. The main purpose is to protect and fill space, effectively reducing the damage of goods due to transportation. It is the best choice for environmentally friendly packaging solution.

  • High flexibility, depending on the relative conditions of goods and cartons, the required length can be adjusted at any time.
  • High toughness and elasticity, suitable for all sizes of goods.
  • Patented structure, the use of honeycomb design makes the structures support each other, effectively improving the rigidity of the paper.

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Honeycomb Paper Demonstration Video

Eco friendly Honeycomb Cushioning Paper has the characteristics of buffering effect, fashion embellishment, environmental protection and sustainability. It not only protects the product, but also enhances the texture, allowing you to easily develop your creativity. Even if it is randomly wrapped, it can also show a unique packaging art. In addition to self-brand value, it can also leave a perfect impression on the overall shopping experience of customers, showing the packaging style.